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Kool Deep Shah is an award-winning trailer editor for Netflix, APAC. He is based out of Mumbai.

In a career that spans over a decade Kool has had the opportunity to create trailers for MONEY HEIST: KOREA, TEKKEN: BLOODLINE, THE WITCHER: NIGHTMARE OF THE WOLF and Netflix’s biggest hit SQUID GAME. Previously he was employed as Senior Trailer Editor with Hammer Creative in Los Angeles for 12 years creating trailers for some of the most widely consumed content in the world, like BATMAN: ARKHAM series, BIOSHOCK, ASSASIN’S CREED, MORTAL KOMBAT X, MICHAEL JACKSON, THE BLACK EYED PEAS, and many more, garnering numerous nominations and awards.  

Kuldeep doesn’t just edit trailers; he crafts cinematic experiences. Seamlessly blending sound design, music, dialogue, and visuals, he paints a vivid tapestry that captures the essence of each film or series. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of storytelling, he infuses every frame with the overarching tone and message of the campaign. This fusion of creativity and commercial acumen ensures not just views, but engagement crafting unforgettable trailers that cut through the noise and leave a lasting impression. 

He also composes music for Film, TV, and Trailers in his spare time. His music has been placed on TV shows “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Person of Interest”. Composing and editing has helped him become a better storyteller.







R E F E R E N C E S 

The (Gangs of Wasseypur US theatrical) trailer is so amazing, I’ve not seen a trailer that strong so far.
Anurag Kashyap

Film Director - Black Friday, Gangs of Wasseypur, Bombay Velvet

Kooldeep is one of the most talented and versatile editors I’ve had the opportunity to work with. He has a mastery of short form narrative and is able to work on abstract and stylized content with ease. He’s an artist that’s always pushing his craft, has an unmatched enthusiasm for creative and is a total asset for anyone lucky enough to work with him. Needless to say, he comes highly recommended!
Brett Hocker

Executive Creative Director, Hammer Creative

As a feature film editor and author, one of the reasons I also enjoy teaching is meeting people like Kool Deep Shah. He is passionate about filmmaking, deeply dedicated to learn the many aspects of the craft, well organized and very personable. I would gladly work with him in a professional environment, and I recommend him to others as well.
John Rosenberg

Editor, The Gift of Fear

Kuldeep and I worked together for over 12 years. Seeing him move back to India was bittersweet, we knew it was always where he’d wanted to end up and that every day, month, and year we got out of him was borrowed time. Kul is not just an amazing artist. He cares deeply about his craft, and invested all of himself in our company. He was a mentor to all of the young talent we nurture, a person I could depend on to shoot straight with me about things going on at the company, and someone who took a genuine interest in the success of the company as a whole vs simply his own projects. If you have the chance to hire him, whether for a freelance contract or full time, you’d be making an enormous mistake letting him slip through your fingers.
Scott Hayman

Managing Partner, Executive Producer, Hammer Creative

Kooldeep Shah worked at Hammer Creative for twelve good years. He will be missed by all current and former employees, associates and friends not only because he is one of the best editors we’ve had: so talented with editing, story-telling and sound-design, but also because he is a consummate hard working professional and an outstanding citizen.
I can say more about his work habits (always willing to do the extra weekend or late night hours when needed), his good humor and even-keeled, pleasant personality, his great problem solving skills, his maturity and mentorship of the newer, and younger employees in the company, but ultimately he is a very valuable talented individual which any company would be lucky to have.
Mark Pierce

Founder, President, Hammer Creative

Kool Deep is great to work with and we will miss his enthusiasm, problem solving skills and always positive attitude. Our style of management requires individuals to be self-motivated while being able to work largely unsupervised. He thrived in that environment.
Scott Rodgers

Owner, Stuart Rodgers Photography

Kuldeep single handedly produced, wrote and edited the trailer for our movie “30 Days with my brother”.
From start to finish he was a thorough professional, starting with a trailer script, suggestions and ideas about what lines and scenes to include or exclude and also how to incorporate music and graphics.
The end result was magic. We were blown away by his very 1st cut and barely had any revisions or changes to the trailer.
With years of experience, he is very good at what he does, it’s evident from his passion for movies and music.
He is an extremely pleasant personality and is very easy to work with.
As a film producer, I would highly recommend him for your next trailer.
Omar Mora

CEO, Moras Productions

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